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Condenser Unit

Type Condeser
Model Number FNH
Refrigerant R404a
Voltage 220V, 380V, others
Application Cold Room Condenser
Fin MaterialBlue Hydrophilic Aluminum
Test Pressure 2.6Mpa
Certification CE
Condenser Case Material Galvanized Steel
Brand Name OnlyKem
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Condenser Unit

Condenser unit is widly used  for cold room, freezer room building for heat exchange, attached FNH Type condenser unit as follows,

condenser unit

Specification of condenser unit:

1. Installing of condenser unit is not confined by area , it only needs small area.

2. Condenser unit is entire installation, beautiful outlook design , protect well , it can avoid collision damage.

3. Condenser unit have double arrangement, avoiding heat loss during the air transform.

4. The condenser unit have good protection system inside, it is good for reducing maintance.

5. Condenser unit use axial fan motor , low noise , power lose and large in air flowing.

6. Large power of compressors driver quantity of cooling capacity.

7. Well construction , convenient packing and transport for condenser unit.

Specification of condenser unit parts:

Coil Features: High heat exchange efficiancy

Designed with special profile aluminum fins and copper tubes

Fin Space: 2.1-2.8mm

Casing Features: Made of galvanized stell sheet

Fan Motor Features: Classe of insulation B

Inner thermal contact protection

Testing: Air cooled condenser with fan motor are supplied clean and tested at a pressure of 25-28 bars.

Advantages of condenser unit:

1. High quality material and professional technician to make sure condenser unit quality.

2. Large cooling capacity range and professional design department to meet your regular and OEM request.

3. Our air-cooled condenser are designed to meet the needs of any size of installation.
4. We produce products for a wide range of applications, from air conditioning to close control, refrigeration and liquid cooling.
5. Our external air cooled condenser are renown for their combination of performance, low noise emission and wide range of capacities.

cold room condenser

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