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Cold Room Swing Door

Swing Door Surface MaterialGalvanized Steel Sheet; Optional Aluminum Sheet Or Stainless Steel Sheet
Door Core Injected High Density Polyurethane
Thickness of Swing DoorCustomized
Window Aluminum Frame ,Double Layer Laminated Glass
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Cold Room Swing Door

swing door for cold room

-- Cold Room Swing Door Specifications:

Swing Door Material: Galvanized steel sheet; optional aluminum sheet or stainless steel sheet.

Finish: Powder coated, color to be defined; optional matt finish stainless steel.

Swing Door thick: 40mm or customized.
Swing Door core: injected high density polyurethane.
Swing Door handle: stainless steel handle.
Swing Door frame material: coated steel.
Swing Door window: aluminum frame , double layer laminated glass.
Clear Opening: 1400mmx2100mm, 1500mmx2100mm, 1600mmx2100mm etc.
Sensors: radar sensor, hand sensor or foot sensor etc.
Package: wooden boxes.

-- Cold Room Swing Door Types: single swing door and double swing door

swing door for cold room

-- Cold Room Swing Door Characteristic:

1.Durable hardware and attractive hinges
2.Safety release handles
3.Door heater wire
4.Better airtight performance
5.Custom-made and light weight

swing door for cold room

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