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Cold Room for Grape

Color White (Optional)
Insulation Material Polyurethane
Thickness of Cold Room Panel100mm,120mm,150mm, 200mm
Material of Panel Surface Stainless Steel, Color Steel
Thickness of Panel Surface Material 0.426mm, 0.5mm
Cold Room Door Hinged door, Swing door, Sliding door
Connection Type Cam lock
Compressor Brand Bitzer
Refrigerant R404A
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Temperature range: -1~0℃, fluctuation range less than 1℃

Humidity range: 85%~95%

Gas composition: O2 (2~3%)  CO2 (3~5%)

Note: after picking, grape should be taken into pre cold room in time, and cool down quickly to reduce its metabolism strength.

When the humidity is lower than 85%, stem loses moisture easily; when humidity is higher than 95%, pathogenic bacteria generates, stem mildews and grape rots easily.

Keep grape in such temperature and full cold room with certain amount of O2 and CO2 to inhibit metabolism strength of grape.

Caution: workers should wear specially-made protective suit before entering, or enter after ventilation.

Cold room for grape installation

PU Sandwich Panels

  • Polyurethane Foam insulation
  • Pre-painted Galvanized Steel (PPGS) or Stainless Steel (SS) laminate
  • Insulation thickness 100 mm
  • Joinery through cam-lock and finished with a silicone sealant

Hinged Doors
.Non-corrosive, non-metallic hinges, door handles, and locks
.Self-closing hinges
.Heaters in door leaf and frame
.Escape device

Refrigeration unit for grape cold room

Optional Accessories

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