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Cool Room For Fresh Fish

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel
Thickness panel100mm 120mm 150mm
Thickness of stainless steel 0.5mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Bitzer and Copeland
Door type Sliding door and hinge door
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Cool Room For Fresh Fish

Cool room temperature for the fresh fish

In terms of your cold room storage requirements, this means you need a cabinet or room which is maintained at -2℃ which equates to OnlyKem’s Medium temperature refrigeration rooms/cabinets.

To avoid contamination, the fish will require its own dedicated space to prevent contact with any other produce. This may be implemented by having a dedicated fish cabinet or cold room, or self-contained storage area within a general cold room. The exact option chosen will depend on the overall volume and mix of other foods to be stored. OnlyKem can advise you of the most suitable option(s) for your circumstances upon request.

Why need to put fresh fish into low temperature environment?

Fresh fish has particularly strict storage requirements due to its potential for fast deterioration and risk of rapid bacterial growth. The main requirements involve keeping it at close to frozen temperatures, ideally -2℃, and keeping it physically separate to all other types of food.

Fresh fish supplied commercially will have been kept “on ice” from the time it was caught until it is delivered to your premises. Locally produced fish may be surrounded by actual ice, while fish which has been imported or traveled longer distances will have been kept cold using alternatives such as gel packs or coolers. Upon arrival, it needs to be immediately placed into cold room storage at the correct temperature until is to be used.

Cool room PU sandwich panels choice

Cool room for fresh fish, temperature around -5 ℃ to 5 ℃. This temperature range, we use 100 mm thickness PU sandwich panels to keep good insulation effect.

CFC free PU panel, it is international standard of environmental protection material, good quality guarantee. It is very safe for fresh fish storage.

Cool room refrigeration unit choice

Cool room refrigeration unit is matched according to cool room temperature and dimension.

Condensing unit is outdoor unit, we supply Bitzer and Copeland compressor and domestic brand compressor, good quality guarantee.

Unit cooler is indoor unit, we supply DL or DD series. CE approved for our unit cooler.

Cool Room For Fresh Fish

Fresh Life With You Always!

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