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Cool Room For Vegetables And Fruits

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel or Color steel
Thickness panel75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Thickness of steel 0.426mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Bitzer and Copeland
Door type Sliding door and Hinge door
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Cool Room For Vegetables And Fruits

Cool Room For Vegetables And Fruits

Firstly, about vegetables storage temperature:

1.Different vegetables need different storage temperature

While vegetables are generally considered to be a single type of stock when it comes to cool room storage, in fact different types vegetables require different temperatures for optimum longevity.

Most vegetables require temperature between 0-4℃, which would be ideally suited to one of OnlyKem’s refrigeration units which can be set to run between 2-5℃.

2.Why are some vegetables not suitable for 2-5 ℃?

However there are a significant number of varieties which could be subject to chill damage at this temperature range, which can result in cell damage and/or spoiling the appearance of the produce. This group includes cucumber, aubergine, tomatoes, pumpkin, peppers and potatoes, which ideally need to be stored at temperatures of 8℃ or higher.

3.How to choose suitable cool room temperature?

This range of temperatures equate to OnlyKem’s cool room which can be set between 2-12℃. However, you may need multiple chill zones if you store a wide variety of vegetable. If you only have one temperature zone available you will get most use out of a standard Chiller, set somewhere in the middle of the 2 to 12 range.

4.If you store many types vegetables, what is the best suggestion?

If you have sufficient volume to store it may make sense to have multiple cool room, or perhaps a combined room, to provide two temperature zones for different types of vegetables.

Secondly, about cool room refrigeration unit: condensing unit and unit cooler

condensing unit

Condensing Unit with Bitzer compressor

Unit cooler

Unit cooler / Evaporator

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