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Monoblock Unit Chiller Room

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel or Color steel
Thickness panel75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Thickness of steel 0.426mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Embraco and Maneurop
Door type Sliding door and Hinge door
Door material PU panels door
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Monoblock Unit Chiller Room

chiller room

Monoblock unit chiller room advantages:

Cold storage monoblock unit is completely compact cooling unit, easy and fast installation. At the same time, operation is safe and reliable. Accurate system design makes the units maintain easily, quickly and safely.

Monoblock unit chiller room temperature ranges:

It is applied to chiller room and freezer room. Chiller room temperature range: -5- 10℃, chiller room for fruit and vegetables. Freezer room temperature range: -15~ -25℃, freezer room for fish and meat.

Monoblock unit types:

It has two types: wall-mounted monoblock and ceiling-mounted monoblock.

Monoblock unit high configuration:

1. Unit cover surface coating, anti-corrosion treatment;
2. Internal thread copper tube, aluminum fins efficient heat exchange;
3. Forced convection evaporation system, as well as perfect defrost, water collection system;
4. Automatic condensation temperature control system;
5. Fully integrated multi-function electronic control system;
6. Unit synchronization control system;
7. Unit remote control system.

Monoblock unit chiller room installation steps:

A) Make a hole with the dimensions indicated in the cold room wall.
B) Place the unit in the cold room, from the outside.
C) Fix the unit to the wall.
D) Seal the panel cutting perimeter.

Monoblock Unit

Monoblock unit maintenance:

To ensure the unit’s correct functioning at all times, the condenser must be periodically cleaned (the frequency of this cleaning will mainly depend on the environment in which the unit is installed).
The unit must be switched off before this operation is carried out: it is advisable to use an air blast from the outside towards the inside. If this is not possible, use a long-bristled brush, brushing from the outside of the condenser.

Monoblock unit transport:
The cooling unit must be handled with care to prevent any damage being caused during transport, in accordance with the following instructions:
- Do not start up the unit until 6 hours have elapsed after transportation
- The unit must be transported and handled in vertical position, protecting it against water and knocks
- Never stack the units during transport
- Never stack more than two units in the warehouse
- Use suitable machinery to move the unit
- Do not remove the pallet or packaging until the machine is in its final location

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