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Cold Room For Meat

Cold room panel 75mm,100mm,120mm,200mm
Compressor brand Bitzer ,Copeland and other brand
Refrigerant R404a
Door type Hinged door, sliding door
Density 38~42kg/m³
Floor of cold room Concrete ,CFC-Free pu panel and anti-skidding aluminum
Connection of CFC-Free panel Cam lock
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Cold Room For Meat

Cold Room for Meat generally -25 to -18 degree C, can keep fresh meat for several months.

Cold Room For Meat: General -18 degrees Celsius to store frozen meat , can maintain its excellent quality,-18 degrees Celsius of bacteria is difficult to survive,meat can store2-3 months. If you want to store fresh meat ,the cold room temperature need -25 degree Celsius.


Cold Room For Meat Panel Material: Wall ,floor and roof panel is CFC-Free Pu panel ,it is closed cell rate is over 90%,R-Value 40±2kg/m3 ,B2 fireproofing grade(it is hydrophobic materials, it won't absorb moisture and increase the thermalconductivity,the wall will not seepage). When the external ambient temperature is high, our meat cold room CFC-Free pu panel can effectively keep the cooling does not leak, So as to achieve energy saving,insulation effect. In addition , our panel is cam lock connection,easy installation, Even when there is no experience in the installation of people, you can quickly learn.

Cold Room For Meat Refrigeration Equipment: According to the actual situation to choose the most cost-effective solution for customer.High quality, large cooling capacity,stable performance compressor ,such as Bitzer ,Copeland and other brand,large fan unit cooler.


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