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Freezer Room For Meat

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel or Color steel
Thickness panel 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Thickness of steel 0.426mm and 0.5mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Bitzer and Copeland
Door type Sliding door and Hinge door
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Freezer Room For Meat


In normal temperature, bacterial growth in meat occurs at a rapid, exponential rate. The meat becomes unsafe for future consumption. The microorganism cannot thrive in the extremely cold environment of cold freezer for meat.

Our suggestion to store the meat as following:

Freezer Room Temperature:

For meat storage, -18℃ to -25℃,will be ok.

Freezer Room Panel:

For the -18℃ to -25℃, we also choose the 120mm and 150mm thickness panel for you. Of course, you also can choose the 200mm one.

Density of the freezer room panel is 40±2kg/m3, can keep the temperature very well.

Freezer Room Door:

According to your freezer room size. you can choose the hinged door or sliding door. All of our freezer room doors have the escape device and heater. It is more safe and easy to open inside the room.

Freezer Room Condensing unit:

We choose the local Bitzer and Copeland compressor for the condensing unit. Two well-known brand in the world. We will match the best suitable compressor for you!

Freezer Room Unit Cooler:

We have the CE certification for our unit cooler. So do not worry about the quality.

Package fo the freezer room:

We can use plywood box and pallet for package. Do you know plywood?

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