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Seafood Freezer Cold Room

Cold Room Panel Thickness100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm
Thickness of Color Steel 0.426mm,0.5mm
Cold Room Door Hinged door, Swing door, Sliding door
Connection Type Cam lock
Compressor brand Copeland and Bitzer
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Seafood Freezer Cold Room

freezer room

Preservation and advantage of seafood cold storage

1. The feather of seafood freezer cold room:

Seafood freezer cold room requires -22 ~ -25 degree temperature preservation, if the temperature can not reach to -25 degree , it will not be delicious. Low temperature helps to maintain the original quality and flavor of seafood, and can greatly extend the freshness of seafood, in general, can extend the preservation time of 3 to 6 months.

2. Seafood freezer cold room structure using facilities:

1) Seafood freezer cold room panels thickness : Using 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, polyurethane insulation panel for seafood freezer cold room, double-sided coating for color steel plate or stainless steel plate.  Its light weight, high strength, good insulation properties, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, very easy to assembly and disassembly , is the best material for cold storage insulation panels selection.

pu panel

2) Seafood freezer cold room compressor brand: High quality brand refrigeration equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, to ensure the cooling capacity of seafood freezer cold room. For example, Bitzer ,Copeland compressor and other well-known brands.

condensing unit
3) Seafood freezer cold room temperature control system: large seafood freezer cold room generally uses the PLC programming control, can set the temperature and humidity and so on according to their own requirements; For small size seafood freezer cold room , normally use the control box. There are thermostats in the control box , very easy to control.

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