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Walk In Freezer Room For Ice Cream

Cold Room Panel Thickness100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm
Thickness of Color Steel 0.426mm
Cold Room Door Hinged door, Swing door, Sliding door
Connection Type Cam lock
compressor brand copeland and bitzer etc.
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Walk In Freezer Room For Ice Cream

Walk in freezer room for ice cream is highly demanded in ice cream factory , restaurant etc place. The main purpose is keeping the ice cream fresh.

1. Ice cream cold storage temperature range.

Ice cream and frozen food storage in -25 C cold room can well maintain its excellent quality, appearance and flavor, without melting metamorphism. If you feel freeze ice cream -25 C , the cost is high, at least choose a cold room temperature with -20 C. Common -18 C of cold storage is not good to keep the ice cream. Some customer requires lower temperature than -25 C, but the cost is higher , and the effect is not much better , not suitable than -25 cold storage.

cold room

2. Ice cream cold storage insulation ability.

The temperature difference between inside and outside the cold room is very high in summer , even up to fifty or sixty degrees temperature difference. In order to avoid the high temperature of outdoor make a bad influence of cold storage cooling and ice cream storage. Normally we use 150mm pu sandwich panel to ensure the better insulation effect for ice cream cold storage . And equipped with facilities such as insulation curtain and air curtain for the door to reduce heat into the cold storage.

pu panel

3. Refrigerating equipment for cold storage.
High quality brand refrigeration equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, to ensure safety and improve the storage of ice cream cold storage operation benefit. Although the cost of brand refrigeration equipment is high, in the long run, it has a very high investment value. When you have enough money, you might as well choose a better quality equipment. For example, Bitzer ,Copeland compressor and other well-known brands.

condensing unit

4. Cold storage build location.
In order to reduce the influence of high temperature in summer, we should try to choose a place where the temperature is low. If the condition is limited, cold storage installation location or door installation position around the high temperature, consider the embedded gate, or add heat protection room for loading, so as to avoid it affected by high temperature the time when taking out the ice cream .

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