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Meat Tunnel Freezer Room

Compressor Bitzer compressor
cooled type air cooled condenser
application meat tunnel freezer
insulation PU insulation panel
control PLC automatic control
temperature -35 degree
cooler type direct cooling
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Blast freezer for seafood

Seafood blast freezer condensing unit feature

1. Bitzer Screw compressor, one of the best compressor manufacturer in the world, focus on compressor industrial from 1940s. take 50% market in the world, quality guarantee for your condensing unit!

2. Danfoss brand accessories, No. 1 in the refrigeration accessories, take more than 80% market in the world, quality guarantee for your condensing unit!

3. Siemens brand electric elements, one of 500 top companies, quality guarantee for your condensing unit!

4. All container blast freezer compressor condensing unit system use PLC control, automatic control, convenient, simple and money saving!

5. Air cooled condenser, special design to suit the container edge dimension, save space, high performance.

6. Condensing unit system Specification for reference, the more information you supply, the more exact system suit to your need.

Tons/Time 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours ......
1 ton 35HP 30HP 25HP ......
2 tons 75HP 60HP 50HP ......
3 tons 125HP 100HP 75HP ......
...... ... ... ... ......


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