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Freon cold room equipment in Qatar

Compressor Bitzer brand
Refrigerant R404a
Production name Freon cold room equipment in Qatar
Accessories Danfoss brand
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Freon Cold Room Equipment in Qatar

Refrigeration freon cold room equipment is most important in modern fresh food stock industry, as source of cooling capacity power, keep foods in comfortable temperature to restrain the action and growing of microorganism, enlarge foods economical life, increase customers’ income, OnlyKem company focus on Freon cold room equipment over 20 years, have designed different series to suit customers’ need, have long cooperation relationship with many famous compressor brand, such as Bitzer compressor, Copeland Compressor, Tecumseh compressor, Maneurop compressor, Carrier brand, etc.


Specification of Freon cold room equipment

Evaporating temp: -10℃

Condensing temp: +55℃

Ambient temp:+45℃

Cooling capacity: 2~8.25kw.

Power: 415V/3PH/50HZ

Compressor: Bitzer compressor.


New origin Bitzer compressor, crankcase heater, vibration absorber, air cooled condenser with large heat exchange area, axial fan, liquid receiver tank, sight glass, dry filter, solenoid valve, dual pressure switch, dual pressure gauges, etc.

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OnlyKem Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company just founded in 2009, but we are not a newcomer to refrigeration industry.


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