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Parallel Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit

Compressor Bitzer brand
Certificate CE, ISO9001
Refrigerant R404a, R507c
Cooling Capacity 120kw
Application blast freezer
Temperature -35 celsius
Voltage 380V/3PH/50HZ
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Parallel Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit

Fishing boat situation:

1. Now more and more fishing boat needs long days stay in ocean, high quality request of consumer, so really need refrigeration equipment on boat to keep seafood fresh.

2. Limited room on boat, need a special design and compact machine to suit.

3. Large fishing capacity, so need large cooling capacity system support.

4. It is out of land, need more reliable system to support the cooling during the whole fishing season.

5. High corrosion of ocean water, need professional protection for whole machine.

Your advantage of OnlyKem compressor condensing unit:

1. Famous brand compressor and accessories

All parts we use famous brand, high quality, to make sure high quality and high performance to support your project.

Accessories name Brand Remark
Compressor Bitzer Germany
HP/LP switch Danfoss Denmark
Pressure sensor Germany 3E Germany
safety valve Castle Italy
Oil filter Bitzer Germany
Oil pressure difference switch Danfoss Denmark
Expansion valve Danfoss Denmark
dry filter Emerson Alco USA
Solenoid valve
Danfoss Denmark
Oil temperature automatic controller Dixell Italy
Electrical controller Simens Germany

2. Large cooling capacity.

Condensing units with parallel is widely used for fields of food operating,fast frozen, medicine, chemical and military research etc.the cooling capacity from 10kw~300kw, large cooling capacity range to suit different request.

3. High performance and money saving

All are under automatic control, make whole system always operate with high performance. Based on the change of cooling load, adjusting the number of working compressor automatically,  It can save 30% electric power than single condensing unit. so convenient and money saving!

4. High reliability

When one compressor of parallel is in maintenance, no any influence for the whole freezer room, your customer don't worry about their products safety.

5. Full protector for whole system

In whole system, design high pressure protector, low pressure protector, oil pressure difference protector, oil overheat protector, overload protector, phase fault protector and so on. to make sure the whole system operate in a safe situation.

6. Compact structure:

Compressor, receiver, filter,oil separator,middle condenser,electric control box,etc are all integrated on one frame, for example: 120KW cooling capacity blast freezer machine, its size is only 2.6m(L) x 1.5m (W) x 1.425m(H), which takes highly use of the space in fishing vessel engine room. High integration design concept, save the cost of tuber and electric line and shorten working time.

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