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Banana Ripening Cold Room

2017-08-18 14:58:051603

Banana cold room for ripening should be with cooling system and ripening equipment helping bananas to provide the appropriate temperature and ethylene.

Banana ripening rooms

General Information of Banana Ripening Chamber
  • 1) Cold Room Dimension: 7m*4m*3m
  • 2) Usage: Cold Room for Fruits Company
  • 3) Cold Room Inside Temperature: 11~20 ℃
OnlyKem Banana Ripening Cold Room Solution
  • 1) 100 mm CFC-Free PU panel with 0.426 mm thickness galvanized steel
  • 2) 0.8m*1.8m cold room hinged door
  • 3) Copeland ZR compressor condensing unit
  • 4) Ethylene generator: Produce ethylene gas, promote banana ripening
  • 5) Co2 detector: Detection of carbon dioxide concentration, to prevent the arrival of the peak breathing, excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide, causing poisoning
  • 6) Ethylene detector: Detection of ethylene concentration , Concentration is too high, easy to soften the pulp, banana skin rapid aging, brown spots and rot. Concentration is too low, ripening time increases.
  • 7) Electrical defrost air cooled evaporator with axial fan
  • 8) Electrical panel  Danfoss TX valve   Pressure Ventilator
  • 9) LED cold room light
As we know, the temperature and ethylene are the most important factors to affect banana storage quality and time. Temperature control at 15-20 ℃, mature period 3 ~ 5 days. In this temperature range mature banana, peel color is good, longer shelf life.  High temperature can promote the fruit to promote maturity, but soon after the peel easy to produce macula, the fruit is easy to fall off.  Low temperature, mature time, poor taste. The best ripening temperature is 15~20℃.

banana ripening cold room


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