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Happly New Year !

2019-12-31 20:16:001282

Happy New Year !

"Yuan, that" beginning ", where the number of the beginning is called "yuan";Denier, that "day";"New Year's day" means "the initial day".New Year's day also known as "three", that is, the year of the yuan, yuan, yuan.Because of the different geographical environment and calendar, in different times, the world's countries, each nation New Year's day time positioning is not the same.Now, the Gregorian calendar is increasingly recognized by all countries in the world.Most countries in the world have adopted the international Gregorian calendar, January 1 every year as "New Year's day".With the Gregorian calendar as the calendar of the country, every year to the Gregorian calendar January 1 as the New Year's day, the whole country has a holiday.In the mind of the ancient Chinese, "yuan" means beginning;"Dan" means morning.According to historical records, in Chinese history, "New Year's day" has many terms, such as yuan-ri, yuan-zheng, yuan-chen, kainian, yuan-chun, shang-ri, hua sui and so on, but in many terms or to say "New Year's day" the most common, the longest time.


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