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The unity of the Chinese people to fight the disaster together

2020-03-01 11:11:001386

                                                          The unity of the Chinese people to fight the disaster together

Epidemic situation is the command, prevention and control is the responsibility.In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the party committees and governments at all levels are doing their best during the Spring Festival.The great love between people who cherish life and help each other lays a special foundation for the Spring Festival holiday.

"Loyalty to the country is the greatest filial piety to parents."Republic medal winner huang xuhua once described the relationship between loyalty and filial piety.Now, in the face of the epidemic, many people have to give up holidays and reunion with friends and relatives for the sake of the health and happiness of others and the peace and strength of the country.This is loyalty to the country, but also without the support of family.The sense of mission and sense of responsibility that the family and country are united in weal and woe, which supports the continuous growth of the Chinese nation and the passing of Chinese civilization from generation to generation, is an important spiritual pillar for us to overcome the epidemic.Carry forward the feelings of our country, share the concerns of the party, be loyal to the country and bring benefits to the people, and we will surely live up to the people and history in the fight against the epidemic.


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