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When disaster strikes, unity is the best policy

2020-04-21 18:52:09752

When disaster strikes, unity is the best policy

The infectivity of novel coronavirus and its harm have been known to all, Italy, Iran, Germany, France, Spain and other countries have joined the ranks of the city, the country, have issued the most stringent travel ban in history. The outbreak is testing the world's risk tolerance, which will be the biggest challenge the world has faced since the second world war.

One region can affect the whole world, and this is a global epidemic. Before the virus is fully contained and production and life are fully restored, the impact of the outbreak will continue. This is likely to be a protracted war. Under the development pattern of global integration, production, life, finance, trade and so on will be affected in an unprecedented way. If we think of the earth as a big family, there will be a situation of "one person with a cold and the whole family taking medicine".

At present, the biggest test is the ability of medical aid. In many countries, the medical carrying capacity is basically reaching the limit. Beds, doctors, nurses, medicines and equipment are in urgent need. In the early stage, countries lack of understanding, leading to the prevention and control measures lag behind, in all kinds of confusion, there is a lack of unity, after a period of time to settle down a little, will eventually understand, fight the epidemic, in order to tide over the difficulties. China, Russia and Brazil have all acted on medical aid, and more countries are expected to join in. Countries around the world are bound to abandon stereotypes, reach a consensus, save themselves, save themselves. In the face of a common enemy, the epidemic will bring the world together for the first time in a way that truly knows no borders, no RACES, no faiths.

I always think that "a single flower does not make a spring, a garden full of flowers", more straightforward is "hello, I good, everyone good, everyone good is really good". May that day come soon!

When disaster strikes, unity is the best policyWhen disaster strikes, unity is the best policy


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