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OnlyKem, love to listen and improve

2017-04-21 16:09:282100
On 6th April, 2017, Gary, the owner of refrigeration engineering company, who is specialized in cold room for more than 40 years, visited our factory and had three days discussion about 2000 m3 cold room for fish factory.

Firstly, Gary visited our refrigeration unit and unit cooler production. Thinking of Australia high human cost and easier operation, Gary suggested it is better we move our condensing unit protection components into condensing unit box. Our engineer made drawing and produced as request. Share some photos as bellow.

refrigeration unit

Then, Gary checked every process of CFC free PU panel production. In Australia, especially food factory, government pays more attention to environmental protection. So Gary likes our CFC free PU panel very much.

CFC free PU panel

Three days are not so long. But Gary gave OnlyKem enough trust. He said:” You know what I need, you like to do more for me. “ We also would like to say:” Our energy is your need. Your satisfaction, Our mission.”

Next week, these fish freezer rooms with refrigeration unit and CFC free PU panel operation workshop will be on the way to Australia.

OnlyKem Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company just founded in 2009, but we are not a newcomer to refrigeration industry.


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