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Pakistan Customer Visit for Dates Cold Room

2017-05-04 17:10:152457
dates cold room

Dates cold room (cold room for dates) is efficient to keep dates fresh and nutrition. That’s why today our Pakistan customer came to our company and discussed more details about date cold storage. Normally date palm is popular in Middle-East, North Africa, tropical and subtropical area. The company of this customer has leading dates processing technology and production line in Pakistan for three generations.

Before he came to China, our customer had received several suppliers’ cold room proposals. After compared about company technology and strength, he decided to visit our factory. This is not the first time to use cold rooms for his dates. So we had a professional communication with each other about cold room design.

At this time, our engineer got to know dates quantity, humidity and temperature according to his special dates production process. And then, we designed these three cold rooms capacity again. Because the place of factory belongs to tropical, so we chose original Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressor for OnlyKem condensing units. These three dates cold rooms will build in original warehouse, there are so many pillars in it. We have to make special design for them in order to prevent cool leakage of cold rooms. For these pillars, we also need supply customized dimension with our CFC Free PUR panel.

Our Pakistan customer also checked our sample cold room carefully, such as axial fan unit cooler, Danfoss expansion valve, XPS panel, electrical panel for refrigeration unit, PUR panel sliding door with releasing system, galvanized steel PUR panel, LED cold room light, cam-lock for cold room panel…

When he was in our CFC Free PUR panel factory, he was satisfied with our raw material quality, production process and quality control about final PUR panel, especially our auto hydraulic pressure production line.

“Amazing visit!” he said. Before he left, promised after bank documents, he will open L/C immediately to OnlyKem about three dates cold rooms.

Friendship is forever between Pakistan and China!

date cold storage


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